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 Albanian Real Estate 

Apartments for sale - but please contact us if you are looking for something else!

Question: How many apartments are for sale in the complex?

Answer: I total seven apartments are for sale.

Situated on a panoranic hill with no chance of the view being obstructed.

Each apartment includes a parking space of 12 square meters.

Location and general description: Panorama residence, Uji i Ftohtë neighborhood,

South of Vlora. Located on a panoramic hilltop. Balconies and verandas are

towards West, looking on the bay and harbour, taking full advantage of the sunset.

A parking place of 12 sqm located in the underground floor is included in the price of each


The beach is in 10 minutes walking distance.

Very quiet and clean area. Streetlights have just been installed. 

1. 2+1 apartment with veranda. 2nd floor. Total area of 125 sqm (110 sqm net + 15 sqm shared). Price 900 euros/sqm. Total cost 112.500 Euros. 

2. 2+1 apartment with veranda. 2nd floor. View on the sea. Area of 116 sqm. Price 900 euros/sqm. Total cost 118.000 Euros. 

3. 1+1 apartment. Total area of 54 sqm (48 sqm net + 6 sqm shared).

Price 900 euros/sqm. Total price 48.600 Euros. 

4. 4 different apartments: 1+1 of 108 sqm; 1+1 of 57 sqm; 74 sqm and studio at 750 euros/sqm. 

Some of the above prices are negotiable. 

Apartments in the “Konomi” area developed by Kamber Zaimi.

6 apartments for sale. Located on a hill in Uji i Ftohtë about 200 meters from the beach.

The residence is still under construction. 10 minutes from the promenade and the seaside.

1. 3 x 1+1 apartments of 85 sqm, 67 sqm and 67 sqm each. Floors 1st to 3rd.

2. 3 x 2+1 apartments of 93 sqm each. Floors 1 and 2.

Prices vary between 700 and 750 euros/sqm and can be negotiated. Parking area in the courtyard of the building.

Question: Looks god, but we are unsure of future development in the area - what is the potential for losing the great view?

Answer: The local development plan does not include high buildings in front of the apartments, so there is no risk for the view to be obstructed. Also, the position of the apartments relative to the street and to the hill, create a distance of approx. 100 meters and a 25-30 m altitude difference between the Kamberi apartments and other buildings.

65 sqm apartment located in the Olso complex at the promenade, 50 meters from the sea. Partial view to the bay and the city. Located in the North - East of the building.

Furnished. Elevator. Toilet with windows and natural ventilation. The apartment lacks

a dedicated parking area, but parking areas are available for rent or purchase very

close to the building.

Price 846 Euro/sqm. Total price 55.000 Euro.  

D. Apartments in Uji i Ftohtë - 7 Pallatet area, developed by Deneko.

The residence is situated 400 meters or 5 minutes from the promenade. It includes three 5 story buildings in which 8 apartments are for sale.

The apartments have sea view from the balcony because of their orientation towards West.

The three buildings have underground parking places. No clubs or other loud activities in the ground floor or nearby. No plans for other construction in front of it. The three buildings do not have elevators, and are retracted from the front line of the built area. The area is quiet, facing the sea, the harbour and the city of Vlora.

Location link:

Building nr.1 - Pandi building, the first from the North, 3 apartments for sale.

Building nr.2 - Lavdosh building, the second, made of two sections, 4 apartments for sale.

Building nr.3 - Iqmet building, located in the South of the development, only one 2+1 apartment for sale.

Price: 600 - 650 Euro/sqm

E. 20-Deneko/Artur Apartments at the Deneko/Artur blue building,

Close to the diplomat area. 15 minutes walking distance from the promenade.

There are six apartments for sale in the building. No parking facilities for the moment, but in case the owner sells three apartments to the same buyer or a group of buyers, he is willing to adapt part of the ground floor, initially designed as a service area, to three or more enclosed parking places. Also, other possible parking facilities are for sale or rent in nearby buildings. Their prices are to be negotiated.

Price: 600 - 830 Euro/sqm.

Location link:

Foreign buyers has the right to buy/sell real estate property in Albania following the same exact procedure as an Albanian citizen.

The buyer must present to the notary public proof of his identity and his residence by

means of passport or ID document.

To the bank the buyer also must present proof of identity and of his annual earnings and on the origin of the transaction sum.

The buying - selling contract is prepared and signed in a Notary public office, in the

presence of both buyer and seller. The agreement is prepared in both Albanian and

English language.

The Notary public verifies the authenticity of the property titles and updates them at

the local real estate office (ZVRPP in Vlorë). He is also in charge of applying for the

new property certificate entitled to the buyer/new owner. For any of the services he

provides, he will be paid according to state approved rates.

The seller/former owner will have to cover all obligations dictated to him by the law, like VAT etc.

With the purchase the buyer will cover all notary fees and expenses.

After the agreement is signed, the Notary public proceeds to the issuing of the new

property certificate, entitled to the buyer/new owner. The official term of this

procedure is a maximum of 28 days. During this time the payment is frozen in

the Notary publics bank account and it cannot be transferred to the seller/former

owner until the buyer/new owner receives the new property certificate entitled to him.

Attached to the selling agreement there should be the property plan, map, and

property file (ZVRPP standard) documents on which the property is identified. 

Yours sincerely,  

Hektor Harizaj

Aulon Harizaj

Amantia Homes – Properties for sale in Vlora Albania