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 Albanian Real Estate 

Q. 1 How to get to Albania?

A. You can either choose to go by car or by air. There are still no direct flights from Copenhagen to Tirana, but fly with Serbia Air, Austrian Air or Lufthansa with a short stay in either Beograd, Vienna or Munich. 

Q. 2 How is the political situation in Albania?

A. Albania is a young democracy and a member of NATO. Strong efforts are also made to join the EU. In 2013 the Socialist Party won the parliamentary elections convincingly with the former mayor of Tirana Edi Rama in front who became Prime Minister. In 2014 Albania got the much wanted EU candidate status. Negotiations for EU membership are expected to start in 2021.  

Q. 3 Is it dangerous in Albania?

A. No. Albania is a rather peaceful country and Albanians are helpful and hospitable people. 

Q. 4 Do Albanians speak English?

A. Yes, many of the younger Albanians speak English, e.g. in restaurants and coffee shops. Many Albanians speak Italian. 

Q. 5 Should I take € or $ with me?

A. Both can be used, but a credit card is enough. There are ATMs in all cities. 

Q. 6 What about Albanian money?
A. The Albanian currency is called Lek. A € is approximately 125 Lek. A Danish Krone is approximately 16,50 Lek. 

Q. 7 What is the price level in Albania?

A. It is low. It´s about 1 – 4 in comparison with e.g. the Scandinavian countries. In the service Sector e.g. dentists, hairdressers, manicure and pedicure are very favorable. Gasoline costs about the same as in the EU.

Q. 8. How about real estate?

A. Good question. It´s much cheaper than in the Scandinavian countries. A flat in a new residential building with a view costs about 800 - 1.000 Euro per m2. Tirana of course is more expensive than other cities. Craftsmen in the construction sector are paid about 3 Euro per hour. Read more about real estate on "About Albania" / "Laws on real estate".

Q. 9 Can you rent a car in Albania?

A. Yes, the major international car rental companies are represented at Tirana airport. A small car costs approximately 40 - 50 € per day. 

Q. 10 How are the roads and traffic in Albania?

A. The roads have improved a lot over the past 10 years. There are motorways / good roads almost all the way from north to south. But you will still find some roads that are bad. Traffic is like in Italy and Greece.

Q.11 Can you drink tap water in Albania?

A. No, it is not recommended. But buying water is not expensive and water can be purchased in all supermarkets and smaller shops. 

Q. 12 Is there corruption in Albania?

A. Yes, in several sectors, but you do not notice it as a traveller. 

Q. 13 How about religion in Albania?

A. The Albanians have a very relaxed attitude towards religion. Statistics say that 65% are formally Muslims, 20% Orthodox and 10% are Catholics. But they live (and are buried) peacefully side by side.